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Specialized services for corporate clients

Worldwide, the provision of transport, storage, and inventory control is increasingly subcontracted to specialists or logistics partners. That’s where we focus on.

Starting in early 90’s, our experience of the prosperous banana venture at the Aegion port, and subsequently at NeaPeramos port, gave us the opportunity to flourish and build this unique business segment from scratch. We undertook a crucial part of the banana supply chain, customizing and assembling every discrete ring in order to take care of this delicate fruit. Assembling rings as the shipping agency, customs clearance, discharging, quality control, warehousing, traceability and monitored forwarding.

We invested in the intensive training of our stevedores and middle-class executives with the view to specialization. Encouraged organic recruitment, consequently new members learned the game rules and embraced our collaborative culture. We created manuals and procedures for every single aspect of the business process, forming vertically integrated services, controlled fiscally from our headquarters. The infrastructure is fully equipped with banana-specialized cold stores and machinery.

Day by day a centre of excellence has emerged. The Aegion port became the only gate in Greece from South America for bananas companies. This historical reefer terminal is literally the storyteller of bananas in Greece.

We realized that the ability to quickly obtain and deploy a domain-specific supply chain expertise in a diversified environment was our instinctive competency.

However, there was a vital Factor in this equation; our strategic Clients. Many international companies trusted us to consolidate their presence in Greece. They gave us the opportunity of co-creating value and sharing the benefits appropriately, encouraging joint achievement. The mission was to protect their interests. Besides mutual trustworthiness, commitment, cooperation, and profit are the core of evolution.

All the above ingredients motivated us to participate in different sectors and to create a network of synergies through outsourcing and joint ventures.

We constantly focus on magnifying our expertise in supply chain management applicable to forwarding and fruit logistics, pursuing to add value to our customer business, searching for new profitable joint ventures and synergies.

Thus, our historic routes lead to new calm and safe harbours.