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Our people

Stamatia Bali

Board Of Directors member

I am Stamatia Bali, director of the shipping agency of Karlos Enterprises S.A. for more than 33 years, almost all of my business life. The company and people are part of it, they are an extension of myself.The most important and unforgettable working moments spent in my second house, as I call and feel about KE. What is important to me, except the happiness of my family, is to be creative, to provide my help and experience without restrictions to my colleagues and partners and finally to mentor and show our company’s mentality to our new blood. What KE taught me, from the beginning of our journey together till now, is to be grateful for the benefits in life and moments earned all of these years.


Vagelis Voukelatos

Warehouse Manager

I started working at KARLOS ENTERPRISES in May of 1991 and have thoroughly enjoyed all my 26 years. I came here with minimum experience and over the years I gained appreciation and knowledge beyond my imagination. My favourite notions about KARLOS ENTERPRISES are our culture, our leadership and its commitment to our culture. It’s fantastic to see that employees hold our top management in such high regard.


Theoni Kanellopoulou

Agency & Quality Executive

My job is an expression of my creativity and reflects my personality. Karlos Enterprises helps me to improve myself at all levels by inspiring me to extend my professional skills and enjoy the results of my efforts. The satisfaction of our customers keeps me happy to serve providing the best quality, on time and at the best possible profit for them. It is the invaluable feeling of offering with my team that motivates me to always continue with the biggest smile either on the hard or the easy, on every request.


Konstantinos Solomos

Cold store Manager

My company has enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to share its story widely. My engagement with customers drives me to implement new techniques and bring great results. As a teamwork spirit-oriented person, I like working with the team trying to achieve business and personal goals. Always aware of the market and social difficulties I am willing to adapt to new conditions and to extend my professional competencies.