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The history begins in 1966

Karlos Enterprises has a long and successful history in the banana business.

1966 – Karlos Konstantinos set out his activity in the business field as a customs broker in the port of Patras. Soon, expanded in the area of land and sea transport.

1984 – Operated the shipping department with agency activities of passenger’s vessels, from Patras to Ancona – Italy. Later on, in 1986 developed in the chartering of ships in the line of Patras – Trieste, a pioneering business with a great correspondence of truck drivers and their companies.

1984 – In the meanwhile, our travel agency established in Othonos Amalias with the distinctive title «Patras Karlos Tours».

1986 – We began our cooperation with tobacco industries, and we took over their whole operation, as tobacco collection from the farmers, forwarding to the ports of Mesologgi, Volos, Amfilohias and Nafplion, issuance of charter parties with the shipping lines, transportation of the goods and loading to general cargo vessels.

1988 – Bananas import allowed from ACP countries and later from dollar zone countries. Great station of our business was the port of Aigion, where becomes transit center of bananas.

1994 to 2005 – Another well-aimed activity of our group was the establishment of a national network of currency exchange bureaus. We were performed all over Greece as Patras, Athens, Igoumenitsa, Kos Island, Corfu, Zakynthos, and Kalamata.

1995 to 2006 – After our clients request we expanded to the port of Nea Peramos – Kavala where we installed inside the port warehouse with cooling chambers with the view to handling cargos of our bananas clients.

1995 to 2000 – We added to our company portfolio the activity of growing fresh fish and trading seafood using owned refrigerated trucks, and transport them in several EU countries.

2001 – We created a construction company with partnerships with the most significant local construction corporation.

The new era

2011 until now – We developed a company of solar energy parks.

2012 until now – Due to the evolution of transport methods in the bananas cargo, from reefer vessels to container vessels, we installed in the port of Thessaloniki. There we formed cooling chambers for our clients’ needs, for storing and controlling of their sensitive cargo.

2012 until now – Consecutively, in the port of Piraeus, we started transacting customs clearances to our bananas clients. On 2017 we constructed in the area of Aspropirgos cooling chambers for storing, handling and acting quality control of the cargoes.



Today our business activities consist of a wide range of services, as the shipping agency, customs clearance, cargo handling and forwarding, trading operations and total or partial outsourcing of those. The headquarters of our group is in the center of Patras a lovely and convenient city. Our perspective remains bright with new and higher objectives imposed from Mr. Nick Karlos, the successor of our family-culture company.

We keep looking skyward!